Craft in the Bay.


I thoroughly enjoyed Craft in the Bay, because there was such a diverse range of pieces and artists in the ‘Heat Exchange’ Exhibition. I felt more inspired by the artwork I saw in this exhibition than at Tent, as I felt Tent was more aimed around Product Design and Product Designers. Throughout the Heat Exchange Exhibition, I saw so many unique and wonderful pieces, all of which were made out of different materials, techniques and proccesses; some I’m very interested in applying to my own practice as a Maker.

Below are the pieces that I was captivated by.

Marjorie Simon
Houses and Barracks/Housing and Warehousing


These were a cute collection of little buildings. Would genuinely love to collect these. Different and eye-catching. I wanted to take one home with me if I had more money in my bank. The materials applied to create these were: Acid-etched vitreous enamel on copper, Liquid and sifted enamels, kiln-fired on folded copper. Each building folded up from a single sheet of metal, sawn and water jet cut. Gesso on acrylic sheet.

Lisa-Marie Tan


Beautiful, intricate pieces. Spent a long time just staring at them. I loved the detail and the materials used. Slip transfers from photographs, glazed.

Tamar De Vries Winter
For Safe Keeping


Intricate, stylish and gorgeous series of pieces. I think they were designed to be coasters but personally if I had bought these, I would display them and never use them for their intended use. I want to try out applying these materials and techniques to my own practise. Materials: Spun copper boxes, Acetal, steel, enamel and photographic enamel decals were applied to produce thise pieces.

Paula Rylatt
Glass artist

12046904_1615455052037930_9060757918318628824_n 12079595_1615455042037931_9040064264804564175_n12088127_1615455025371266_6202811309682865108_n12043192_1615455078704594_3810503789149453145_n

Paula is a glass artist who is American but has lived in Britain since 1978. She has been practising as an Glass Artist since 2000, after receiving a degree in Decorative Crafts. She’s stated there are two main things that inspire her; “trees and the sea”. Paula has also stated that; “there is a sense of change within constancy and movement within stillness inherent in both which trigues me. There is something of those dynamics in my use of clear, fused glass; a solid material that looks like it will melt away, a ghost image of a place that allows the ‘here and now’ to be seen through it.”

Paula’s stunning pieces that looked so delicate but intricate were my favourites from the whole Heat Exchange Exhibition in Craft in the Bay. I’m so fascinated by the glass work and honestly would love to try out glass pieces of my own.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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