CAD Workshop.

I was excited about starting this workshop and if I’m honest, a little apprehensive, as I worried it would be very complex and I would struggle to get my head around the software. However, after meeting my CAD tutor, Charlie Bull, I felt reassured and confident.

An Introduction To Rhino. 

Once I was logged onto Windows, I was first taught about the 4 screens that automatically appear when you start Rhino up. These are called View Ports and allows me to view my 3D model from Front, Back, Left and Right. 12072754_1616865588563543_7044793632212568247_n

For my lesson though, I was not going to be using View Ports and changed the view to Perspective, which was like a side view, with grids. The first task was to create an already 3D cylinder using the Solid Creation sub-toolbar.


I moved onto using the Lines sub-toolbar, as well as learning about Ortho, Snapback and Gumball’s functions at the bottom of the screen. Ortho was very useful, as once on, only allowed you to draw accurate lines. Gumball was the most fun though, as I could make 2D shapes into 3D with just a few clicks. I also learned about creating outer lines on my 2D pieces.


With the unusual 2D shapes I had drawn, I decided that I wanted to create a 3D Futuristic building of some kind, that allowed me to really test out Rhino’s features that I had so far learned. Whilst having an idea in mind, I was taught how to restore defaults, in case my toolbar never appeared when Rhino starts up, as well as the drop down menu to change views, the Curve Fillet to curve lines, and Extrude Surface, which was a longer technique to change a 2D surface into a 3D one, but felt satisfactory once complete.

Below are my current outcomes of my work so far in Rhino, at different View Ports.

12088350_1616865818563520_8688473615601904577_n 12119094_1616865705230198_4286920800338031861_n
 12106789_1616865748563527_598681680455721218_n 12108199_1616865805230188_6079551105363977144_n
11220099_1616865731896862_5643032036319987359_n 12115788_1616865761896859_1068117650873386377_n 12096048_1616865791896856_6879612734872645332_n

I’m already very excited about next week’s workshop and can’t wait to continue my work!


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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