Constellation Keynote Lecture.

Today I’ve had my first Keynote Lecture in Constellation, with Dr. Ashley Morgan about; “When is a nerd not a nerd? When he’s a geek: Exploring the shift in representation of male identities”.

This was interesting because Dr. Morgan spoke about different types of masculinity; about hegemonic and non-hegemonic men, how the shift has changed and for someone, like me, who is particularly interested in making his work around Gender Identity, these sorts of Keynote Lectures become research and further development for my own ideas.

The thing that mainly caught my attention was when Dr. Morgan started to discuss a man’s appearance and how you can tell where one works due to his attire. She referenced The Big Bang Theory a lot, as the main characters are a group of ‘nerdy’ scientists who wear Pop Cultural tshirts and often clothes that do not even match. She discussed how you could tell they do not see people whilst at work, because they are sat in front of a desk, generating ideas and working on a whiteboard. Dr. Morgan also spoke about men who wore suits, and not just any suits, but specifically hand-tailored suits, so that suggested one was an accountant or lawyer, somewhere high up in the ranks. A hegemonic man. Whilst the scientific characters in The Big Bang Theory were non-hegemonic men.

Dr. Morgan gives a really good lecture, she’s entertaining, enthusiastic and gets the audience to partake in the lecture. What’s even better is that the Keynote Lecture was Dr. Morgan’s own work, it is her current subject area and I am very interested in getting a place on her Study Group for Constellation.

I’m most definitely looking forward to more lectures from Dr. Morgan.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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