3D Relief Moulds – My Outcomes.

I was so excited to reveal my 3D Plaster Reliefs, that I had made in a workshop with Jon recently. I chose to start with my first one that was of my right hand.

As I started to gently peel the clay away, it unfortumately crumbled apart. I unfortunately didn’t make the depth of the clay deep enough or the mixture of the Plaster thicker. This is what led to my crumbly disaster of a reveal and I was a little disappointed if I am honest, because I did initially want a set of handprints. I do know now for any future attempts that I have to have a deeper clay base and a thicker mix to avoid this from happening again.


My second reveal of my left hand and little finger imprints was perfect. I was left with a beautiful, intricate piece. I was so pleased with this outcome, because the clay had captured every fine detail of my hand and it looked almost life-like if it wasn’t for the skin tone being too dark to match my own skin. Something that I need to further experiment in, in the future is tone mixing with Powder Paints but as my first attempt, I thought it was pretty good.


Since this photo was taken, I have carefully been cleaning this piece to get rid off excess clay, talc and powder. I was so pleased with this workshop and I am eager to carry on trying more in my self-directed study time if I can. I also definitely want to try Bronze Casting next, as I feel that would be fun and definitely a new experience.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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