Wood Workshop With Martin.

I worked with wood today with no direction whatsoever as it was meant to be challenging and thus had complete freedom to make whatever I wanted to do with the wood. Because I’m particularly interested in working with Gender Identity, I chose to continue to develop my ideas with a wood maquette. I had spoken to Ingrid in the early evening about if it was possible to incorporate my own personal interests into the project briefs and even if I do not end up using any of these outcomes, research or ideas, it will still go towards my assessment because I have looked into contextualisation etc.

I started off with a piece of plywood that I lightly scored my desired shape into with a staniknife. I spent around half an hour cutting out the shapes before I searched for the eyelet pliers to add some character to my maquettes.

12074681_1618546021728833_4305710762782526241_n 12108784_1618546038395498_5973512282295155365_n

Once I successfully put an eyelet in, I threaded yellow string through the hole to create a nose ring. I then moved onto this metal hole puncher, where I created the eyes. Now it was time to give my maquettes a body. I drilled two holes into the faces at the same time as two small blocks of Plywood. Martin then gave me this tool where you loaded up metal pins and once they were put through the holes, I had to tightly squeeze the pliers right down. After releasing, my bodies were attached and the remainder of the pins flew out of the end of the tool.


I moved back onto another table to roughly sketch where I wanted to cut off excess wood using a piercing saw. I had used one of those before in my Copper workshop but the blade was a Jewellery blade and a not a wood one. I found the wood was easier to saw into than copper in my previous workshops and I’ve had so much fun in the Small Metals workshops, because I’ve gained further knowledge and new skills. I wouldn’t be able to say to someone I can change the blade in a saw before now! I can see these skills will be useful in the nearby future and I want to continue to apply all the new techniques and materials I have learned into future work.

12108075_1618546098395492_3971165015667464887_n 12105778_1618546111728824_1657463258562090778_n

So far, I am happy with my outcomes and will be finishing them completely on Friday in my own time, as agreed with Martin, so my next aim for these is to create 3D wire dome shapes around the back of the faces to create a head, and attach them together via hinges so they fold together to create a whole face or fold shut so they’re halves.

12096180_1618546128395489_5899829479800927257_n 12118728_1618546171728818_4922170814634281440_n 12106745_1618546188395483_2660981274555322670_n


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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