The Link Between ‘Beautiful And Useable’ And Gender.

Whilst making more 3D Relief Moulds in my self-directed study time, I suddenly realised the connection between my project brief and my interest in gender / gender identity. I have been making pieces that respectfully rotate around certain aspects of the body, such as my face maquettes in wood and my handprints in clay/plaster.

Our bodies are essentially tools; useable. And they are beautiful. For example, we use our hands for everything. Writing, making, cooking, opening doors, typing etc. Our handprints are all individual and unique; like any form of artwork.

I feel like my body is a tool in a way, it belongs to me. It is mine to look after. I inhabit my tool; it is always with me, it’s useful, powerful. Amazing and self-contained, resourceful. It’s beautiful.

I posted up a status on Facebook with the second paragraph, and with people’s permission, I am able to use their feedback. The responses I got were interesting and resourceful. In a way, they’re contextual; research.

feedback 3feedback4

feedback 4

Their views were as honest and interesting as my own. Not only that, but it’s given me more motivation to look in the Library to find even more structure to my context for my project.

Ideally, I want to create casts of hands, feet and arms, using alginate, bronze, plaster, anything I can make a mould out of! I want to try everything. And I want the moulds to be of opposite genders, because I want people to work out which hand cast or foot cast belongs to which gender, without anything else stating which one is which, as I am pretty confident that opposite genders are noticeable through appearance.

For example, a trans guy’s hands and/or feet may be smaller than that of a cismale’s. Or vice versa. I want my work to explain that appearances should not be the only way you tell someone’s gender, because there are a lot of transgender and non-binary as well as genderfluid people in our community and misgendering someone in that community can be quite detrimental to their wellbeing.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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