Wire Workshop With Martin & Pip.

Today I had a workshop with wire. I’d recently been drawing my hand, so decided to incorporate my sketches into my wire outcomes. I wasn’t too keen on wire at first, as I had done it previously for 3 years in college and found it tedious. However, the resources at CSAD have made me change my viewpoint on wire completely.

I started by placing the wire against my left hand, and started to shape it around the actual shape of my hand. I found this part complicated, because the wire would keep moving and I was sat next to two other people, so had to be cautious of not hitting anyone with wire. When I got my overall shape, I cut off two small pieces of wire, as this would be the frame that would hold two hands together, making it into a 3D outcome. I used the spot welder to join the small pieces onto the middle finger and the bottom of the hand. Once this was complete, I moved onto the same process of making another wire hand by following the shape and frame of my own hand. I repeated the same action with spot welding the joinings together and I now had a 3D hand, which was pretty cool! I was really happy with this outcome.


I stood my first 3D hand up, and then started a second one. I had time to finish one more, so I figured that two would be better than one. This time though, instead of modelling to my hand, I placed the wire down onto my drawing and followed the shape around the linear drawing. I did this twice, so I had a set of two.

I thought the spotwelder was good for joining separate pieces of wire together and continued with that method. I found two small offcuts and applied the same as my first, by creating a frame and then joining the two, so they became three-dimensional. I joined four pieces of more offcuts, as this time, I wanted to create the wrist and start of the arm, which differentiated from my first one.


Pip had brought out threads of different colours and kinds, so I decided to make this piece different; I wanted this hand to look like it had been decorated with henna and spotwelded a wavy piece of wire onto one side, and started to thread the other.




I was happy with both outcomes, as they were different and both had their own quirks. I will be incorporating wire into my individual outcomes, as they are good for framework and anything is nearly possible with wire.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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