Ceramics Workshop With Caroline.

I had a workshop with Caroline today in the Ceramics area. I’d previously tried slip casting in college, to make sprig moulds so it was a nice recap.

I started off with placing the object I wanted to cast into a small lump of buff clay. I then had to find the midway point, where Caroline helped me mark it. After that, I had to build up the area around the object, to the midway point, which had to have two fingers width each side. The clay had to be square and I spent most of the workshop trying to achieve this.

I finally managed to get it square an hour or so after lunch, which meant I could move onto prepping the clay with sideboards. I was given these wooden boards that attached to each other. I secured them onto the board with loose clay. This was to prevent plaster from seething through the sides.

I started to mix up my plaster, weighing it on the scales, before slowly pouring it into a bucket of cold water. With one hand, I poured and the other, I used it as to evenly sprinkle out the plaster. Once this was done, I moved onto mixing it all together with my hand. My hand was at the bottom of the bucket and I moved it around in a rhythmic movement, until it was thick enough that an ‘8’ remained on the surface for a moment or so after drawing it.

I slowly poured the plaster onto my clay mould, making sure it was thick enough so it wouldn’t break when it dried, like my previous 3D Plaster mould reliefs did. After this, I didn’t have time for anything else, other than to clean up my work surface, tools and the bucket. I’m excited to see how my cast turned out next Tuesday!

slip casting 2 slip casting 3 slip casting 4 slip casting 5 slip casting


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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