Artists Who Work With Gender – Part Two.

Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy, Caribbean Pirates (Houseboat Party), 2001-2005
Courtesy: the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Ann-Marie Rounkle

george bush and the seven dwarves
Paul McCarthy presents George Bush and The Seven Dwarves

Paul McCarthy: Static (Pink)
Silicone, stainless steel
271 x 164 x 324 cm


Paul McCarthy Horizontal 2012 Platinum silicone, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, natural hair, pigment, paint, wood door with laminate, wood sawhorses 102.9 x 268 x 90.5 cm / 40 1/2 x 105 ½

I thought Paul McCarthy’s work was unique, eye-catching and different. He plays with gender in different forms; sexual and non-sexual. A lot of the pieces I have seen have tended to be that of a sexual nature, which isn’t the route I am going down with my own interest in working with Gender, but it’s still relatively relevant.

Horizontal was a really creepy but amazing piece, that looked identical to the artist. It sort of reminded me of a body in a morgue. Some of Paul’s work like Horizontal inspire me and I think I will be continuing to research further into some of his work down the line.


Grayson Perry’s first piece of successful ceramic work depicting a brutal crucifixion, captioned ‘Kinky Sex’. He often said that sex, war and gender were subjects that interested him and he felt he had an opinion. The images were not put together to disturb people.


The Comfort Blanket – Grayson Perry
When we talk of identity, we often think of groups such as Black Muslim lesbians in wheelchairs. This is because identity only seems to become an issue when it is challenged or under threat. Our classic Default Man is rarely under existential threat; consequently, his identity remains unexamined. It ambles along blithely, never having to stand up for its rights or to defend its homeland.” – Grayson Perry.


HAY FESTIVAL 2004: Grayson (Claire) Perry - Prize winning potter pictured on Saturday 5th June at the 2004 Hay Festival which runs from 28th May - 6th June in the small borders town of Hay-on-Wye, Powys.   Pic by: RICHARD STANTON. Tel: (01588) 660210 / (07774) 286733. email:   © 04/06/04.


I was so excited to look up the genius and flamboyant Grayson Perry, because his Ceramics are eye-catching and make people think. I have researched Grayson Perry before for projects in Ceramics in college and often had lectures about him, especially his crossdressing persona.

For me, looking into artists who work with Gender, Grayson Perry is a large link. He’s not transgender, he’s not genderfluid. He’s a crossdresser but when he is in his other persona, he looks like a full fledged woman and for me, that is exactly what I am trying to portray in my work; there should be more than one way to identify one’s gender based on appearance. I have big respect for Grayson Perry and if I had seen him in his other persona walking down the street, without observing or putting too much thought into it, I would identify him as a woman.

I feel like I can identify with Grayson Perry as I am interested in working with clay, in a sculpture form. I think I will be researching him further in the future.



Still from The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye (2011)
Still from The Ballad Of Genesis And Lady Jaye (2011)

Genesis Breyer P-orridge was one of the most interesting artists I have researched that work predominantly with Gender, because it was not sexual or for vanity reasons that Genesis started to transform h/erself into h/er late wife Lady Jaye.

Genesis’ transformation is remarkable and interesting; they look identical and likewise to Grayson Perry, I would identify Genesis as a woman if I momentarily saw h/er in a store or something like that. I read both articles that are linked above, which was such an interesting read, as they’ve had hormones and things like that, that relate to me, being a student who predominantly wants to work with Gender themed pieces.

By researching artists who work in different ways and forms with gender, has given me new ideas, has inspired me and I feel like I finally know which direction I want to go in for my individual outcome.



Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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