Ceramics Workshop With Caroline

I continued my Plaster moulds from last week, where I left off. My plaster had set since this week, which meant I could use the cheesegrater like tool to shave down the top to an even  surface, which I thought was great fun.


Once the surface was shaved down, I managed to pry apart the clay and plaster to reveal half of my mould. When this was done, I moved onto shaving down the rough edges and bits of plaster that was not needed. I then used a 1p coin to scratch the natches into two corners of my mould, which would hold them together.


I had to use this soap called Soft Soap, which enabled me to clean up my mould, and left the surface quite shiny in comparison to before hand. Once this was done, I attached with clay a funnel shape at the end where I would eventually pour the slip into, to prevent the second round of plaster from blocking up the hole.

I mixed up four pints of plaster, that was of better consistency than last week’s, which was way too thick and looked a lot better when it started to set. I went away for a break for twenty minutes as I could not do anything else whilst I waited for the plaster to set. I came back and repeated the process, before attaching the two together and putting a band around them, as well as my name, course and year I was in, before they were put into the drying cupboard, ready for next week.

I was also quite amused with the clay imprint that was left when I peeled apart the two materials. I’m excited about using this process in the future to make sculptural pieces, but ones that adhere more to my own interests.



Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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