Maquette Monday

During our usual Monday morning meeting, Jon asked how everyone found / was enjoying the workshops that we all had been in. I have thoroughly enjoyed small metals, mould making, CAD and I’m looking forward to moving over onto Stitch at some point, to gain more experience and knowledge in Textiles.

I have been working on my project proposal and have come up with numerous ideas. Currently, I am looking at an ambigious way to visually communicate Gender Identity to my audience.

After a lecture with Huw Williams, I headed over to Martin’s workshop to create  a ‘skeletal’ form to build up from out of wire. I used the same wire I worked with for my head maquettes and did try to spotweld the joints together, but found for what I wanted to do with the skeletal form, I needed more flexibility than what spotwelding the joints could give me. Especially as whenever I tried to reposition or shape the wire, the joinings would snap off. I then tried to use small coil wire, to wrap around to join the wire pieces together, but found this wasn’t an option either, as they wouldn’t hold everything in place. I decided to use masking tape to connect the joinings as I knew it would hold and provide flexibility – exactly what I wanted!

uni uni2

I was aiming to make a small wire structure that was shapelessly like an arm. The idea behind that, was that the wire would act like an invisible support, because I planned to place it into a rolled out piece of clay and build up the arm and hand in clay.

uni3 uni4 uni5 uni6

I’d roughly started to sketch out some ideas, as well as mindmapping what processes, techniques and materials I was thinking of using for this piece. Currently I aim to produce different maquettes to get an idea of where I want to go with my individual final outcome for my project deadline.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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