Wood Workshop with Nigel

Today, I had an induction into the Wood Workshop area, where I learned how to safely set up and work the band saw and sander.

For the band saw, the blade couldn’t be higher than 10ml for safety. I had to adjust the blade to get an accurate cut, before starting up the machine. I wore protective goggles and used a stick to direct my paddle into the blade, as I was too scared to use my own hand!

For the sander, you had to only use the right hand side. If I were to sand a block of wood on the left hand side, it would send the object flying upwards at around 70 or 80mph. Nigel demonstrated this and made me absolutely nervous to even try out the machine. But I passed my inductions and moved onto my task for the day: making a Jewellery box.

I started out with four pannels of wood. I had to measure and work out the middle point of my joinings, so I could mark them down with a pencil to later know where to cut into with the band saw. To do this, I used a ruler and pencil.

uni7 uni8

When my wood was marked up, I moved over to the band saw to create the grooves that my other pannels would slot into, to create an open wall.

uni9 uni10

I used Gorilla expanding wood glue to glue my joinings together, so I could eventually get around to putting a top and bottom onto my Jewellery box. After getting past the machines that honestly put my anxiety on an edge, I really started to get into this workshop and enjoy what I was producing. Once all the joints had been glued together, I placed my box into a vice to hold it together for 15-20 minutes, long enough for the glue to set that would hold my box together. Next week, I aim to get the top and bottom put on it.

uni11 uni12 uni13


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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