Rachel Kneebone

I’ve been looking more closely into Rachel Kneebone’s work and find her sculptural pieces absolutely breathtaking. The intricate detail and fragility of her pieces inspire delicacy and almost a sense of something being ‘made to be broken’. Another reason why I feel inspired by Rachel’s work, is because nearly all of her sculptures contain bodies or body parts. In a way, it ties in with my theme of Gender Identity and my current thought process for my own sculptural outcomes.

Currently, I am working with the idea of someone who is trans being ‘reborn as their one true self’, so quite a few of my maquettes are of hands, the body, arm etc and one of my clay maquettes is an arm reaching out from the mud to suggest they have transitioned and therefore have been reborn as their prefered gender identity.

I love looking at Rachel’s work, because there’s always a sense of beauty and passion that visually speaks to me when I look at her work. I fell in love with her pieces when I first started uni, as we had a trip to the National Wales Museum and one of her porcelain sculptures was displayed there. It was absolutely stunning and the quality as well as attention to detail was breathtaking. I would love to see an exhibition solely of her work.

I feel like Rachel Kneebone’s work is helping to inspire me to develop my own ideas and concepts behind my own body of work, as all her pieces are different and hold separate meanings. This is how I want my work to be portrayed and perceived.
13-When-I-doubt-I-exist-again 2012_Rachel_Kneebone_Kneebone_Paradise_-of_Despair_428H 6783280654_0c4fbbcea6_b i-659x494 p-494x659 Rachel Kneebone (12) Rachel-Kneebone-The-122902-659x494


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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