Study Group Session.

In today’s session, we spoke about the pressure and issues of one’s appearance, mainly thanks to the negative message that surrounds us on social media and in magazines etc to make people feel they need to be a certain way, shape or size to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’.

There is a pressure now on men, more so than what I feel there used to be, to fit into our society’s ‘norms’, as well as women. But I feel that women are criticised more towards their size, as there is this ridiculous aim for all women to be skinny to be ‘beautiful’, when that is not accurate.

I found this session to be beneficial as it has concrete my foundations for my essay, which I am basing on Masculine Gender Identity.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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