Metal Workshop With Dallas

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In the Metal Workshop with Dallas today, I got introduced to a new material called Vinamould in the Foundry. It is a mould that feels very oily when you touch it. It is a nice, deep, Royal Blue when brand new, but after a lot of use and being reheated, to be reused, it loses it’s colour and fades to a green colour. The ones I used were like a pasta colour almost.

We started off by going into the bins to grab some vinamould to cut up. They had to be cut up into small chunks into a glass jar, otherwise when being put in the microwave, the vinamould would burn and it’d result in throwing away the material as it would be useless if it burned.

I decided to use one of my 3D reliefs to cast the vinamould onto, so had to roll out some clay to rest my 3D relief on, and had to build up clay walls around it to prevent the mould from leaking, like we have done before with plaster casting. To prevent my 3D relief from being damaged by the heat of the vinamould, I had to spray it thoroughly with water before pouring the mixture onto it.

Once it was all cut up, I put it in the microwave for four minutes, and put on the protective goggles and gloves we have to wear when using this mould, because if it got into our eyes or on our skin, it could be dangerous. Especially if you tried to peel it away from your skin, as you would end up with burns. After four minutes, I removed the glass jar from the microwave and with a wooden spoon, I stirred the not yet melted mixture, before putting it back into the microwave for another 4 minutes.

After it was melted, I took it out of the microwave and quickly walked over to the clay plinth holding my 3D relief and slowly poured the vinamould on top of my object that I wanted to cast.

I’m excited about seeing what it looks like next week after it’s set.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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