3D Printing / Rhino outcomes.

In my spare time, I have installed Rhino onto my laptop to continue to practise and wrap my head around the way Rhino works. I’m now able to create certain forms or shapes and add text to them, but I’m still working out different techniques and learning my way around the software, even though I’ve had lessons with Charlie, who was very helpful and didn’t mind having to explain things a dozen times or more!

I want to get more confident with Rhino and 3D printing, so I have taken to randomly creating objects and heading down to the Soft Modeling room to 3D print objects. So far, these are my outcomes, just little things I’ve made, one with my name on and the other my favourite band and its’ band members names. I was very pleased with the outcomes though.


3D Printing
3D Printing 2

Above in the hyperlinks are short clips I took of the Ultimaker 3D printing, which I still find fascinating and did spend a while in there just watching it go. I am still amazed at how I can design something in CAD and then it prints in 3D! Mind blowing!

I’m very happy with my outcomes, because they’re the first things I have independently 3D printed, outside of Charlie’s sessions. I’ve started to create other forms and shapes in Rhino and will be aiming to 3D print them tomorrow in between my workshops, as I want to become more and more confident with this software and the setup in the Ultimaker.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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