Sir Eduardo Paolozzi

Now I know what direction in terms of material, ideas and concept I am wanting to take with my work, for my final outcomes, I have started to look into artists who work with plaster and plaster reliefs, as that’s the area I’m dabbling in currently, which eventually, I want to move onto a broad range of casting combined with CAD..

I was looking through Tate’s website, predominantly for artists who work in plaster and create sculptural or relief forms. I found Eduardo Paolozzi’s piece of Michelangelo’s head, that was a combination of plaster, plywood and string. I thought this was piece was interesting because he combined other materials into the plaster but still kept that intricate detail of Michelangelo’s facial features..

I started to browse through Eduardo’s work on the Tate site and was fascinated by his piece ‘Portrait of Matta’ which I loved the colour of, I was also wondering how he casted that piece, as it looks more complex than that of his sculptures of heads.

My favourite though is ‘Plaster for ‘Mr Cruishank’ 1950′, as when I look at it, I think of mental illness, with the part of the brain that’s sliced off which to me suggests the stigma and discrmination that still lingers around mental illnesses or having them.

I would love to try pieces like this in the future, only in different casting materials other than plaster!


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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