Highlights Of First Term.

Christmas break is almost upon us and I cannot believe how fast this first term has flown by. It’s been an incredible three or so months, that’s provided challenges, trips, exposure to new materials and techniques through a 9 week rota of workshops, to developing and growing who I am as an artist.

If anything, I know I made the right choice by choosing CSAD to study at. It’s my home and I fell in love with it the moment I stepped inside it. Please share my journey with me and click on the links below, detailing my highlights of my very first term at CSAD.

Duality – Outcomes
Summary of The Body In Society Study Group
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Throwing Induction
Rachel Kneebone
Artists Who Work With Gender – Part One
Artists Who Work With Gender – Part Two
Craft in the Bay
CAD – Outcomes
Aiming for outcomes
Wood / Metal Outcomes
The Link Between Beautiful & Useable / Gender
3D Printing
Maquette Monday
Ceramics Workshop
Wire Workshop with Martin and Pip!
Copper Enameling Workshop

This term’s been quite reflective; I was so excited about the (bigger) wood workshop before arriving here as a student and after three weeks, I was very surprised to say that I didn’t enjoy the wood workshop, the machinery or the process. I however was eventually happy with my outcome of my Jewellery Box.

I enjoyed the casting side to Metal workshop, as I am particularly keen to work further in that field, by trying out bronze casting etc in the next term. I think I will be spending a lot of time in the foundry and the ceramics rooms next term, as I am keen on making more sculptural forms and installations that match with artists like Rachel Kneebone, Marjorie Simon, Paula Rylatt and Lisa-Marie Tan’s own works.

I’m also interested next term in working with Huw Williams because I also want to make glass sculptures and try out this material, as it is something I’ve never done before but they look so elegant and the fragility of the material speaks to me.

What I’ve really, really enjoyed this term is the freedom; to experiment, to create, to think and to develop. I could take my outcomes in the workshops and for my own individual project as separately far as I wanted too, or I could link them all together somehow. I’ve felt like having Jon’s input throughout the year has been resourceful because he’s an expert in his field and gaining opinions from other people is always beneficial, if not sometimes creative criticism, which I feel I need in order to move forwards to try out new things or move a project in a certain direction.

My favourite workshop over the whole term has got to be CAD with Charlie. She’s such a brilliant tutor, was friendly and approachable, never minded repeating things like a million times when I was stuck. CAD was a whole new experience for me and I’ve absolutely loved it. CAD is one area in which I want to develop and create more pieces from, especially as I’m thinking about continuing ‘Duality’ into the new term, only with different processes and materials, with more sculptural forms.

I’ve loved every second of Constellation, in my study group for The Body In Society and will be sad to switch over next term, because it’s been fascinating, informative and Ashley is such a gripping lecturer, that she always kept me interested, which is something a lot of lecturers would fail to do for two hours of continuous talk! I’m very interested in Art History and have loved being able to do Constellation, by learning about so many things I didn’t know before. I definitely feel like my perspective of concept, theory and ideas is a lot stronger after attending every Study Group session (despite the odd one I missed due to medical appointments.)

It’s so hard to pinpoint highlights from this term, because it’s been such a fantastic experience and the momentum of the course has been my kind off speed, where I’ve never felt bored and always constantly moving. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most workshops and I’m looking forward to coming back in January for my next term, where I hope I can delve into more processes and materials that I have never experienced before now.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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