Artists who use Augmented Reality in their work

Ingrid asked us to look up artists who use augmented reality in their daily practise. I’ve been looking at artists who work with Augmented Reality or Aurasma in their daily practise and have found it incredible, the amount of work out there and how imaginative you can become with augmented reality.

John Craig Freeman
John Craig Freeman’s blog

There are small snippets and clips on his blog, where he has used augmented reality in his daily practise, such as the visualization of view from inside the #1 boat near Rialto Mercado on the Grand Canal with the Goddess of Democracy augmented into the campo. As well as Mysterium Cosmographicum Cumulatus will place observers at the center of Kepler’s nested Platonic solids with augmented reality technology which I feel is very cool.

I found John’s work interesting, because there were these ridiculously cool things, like the sphere in which he’s stood inside of, as well as the small youtube snippets where he’s added in statues on a journey through the Grand Canal via boat. I liked the creativity and randomness behind his work for ‘public art’ and found it inspiring, as it has given me ideas for things I could do on Aurasma studio and my own works.

Not only that, but his blog looking so professional has informed me of how important it is to have a very professional and filled looking blog, as it will no doubt increase your chances of someone working in the industry to stop and look through work you have done. I don’t always tend to look at artists’ blogs unless they’re impressive, organised or well updated so John’s blog definitely caught my eye and he has done so many amazing projects, where augmented reality has come into play.

Disney Research Hub
Disney Research Hub’s channel

So… Disney. It’s not a surprise that even Walt Disney’s company would jump onto the bandwagon of using augmented reality in their work or their products to sell. And that’s not a bad thing at all, as I am a massive Disney fan and was totally fanboying when I found some very cool YouTube videos on Disney’s research channel.

Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters is a YouTube video where they are explaining and demonstrating their interactive, augmented colouring book. It looks as if the pages are coming to life on the tablet’s screen and looks absolutely stunning. The colours that were coloured in became more vibrant, but what I love is the cartoon element that is still noticeable within the 3D augmented models.

Augmented Creativity: is another YouTube video where it again features their interactive colouring book app, as well as musical arrangements, that are augmented but what I found most cool is how Augmented reality can be used. For example in that video, there is augmented treasure hunts in public places. How cool would that be if the Makers lv 4 had this augmented treasure hunt around Campus just before Easter break and actually led to Easter eggs?! It’s such an ingenious, inventive feature to our lives and shows us where technology is going in the nearby future.

Edgaras Art
Edgaras Art channel

Whilst trawling through YouTube, I stumbled across Edgaras Art and wow, their channel is incredible. They use augmented technology in a different way to the others’ that I have looked at, which is why I have liked each artist because they all have their own unique, individual take to the way they use augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Technology in this video, they have somehow managed to link augmented reality up to a breadboard with switches, that manage to change the colours of the different shapes and objects, which are augmented. I thought this was crazy. It just looked so cool. Definitely not realistic but then I continued to look at their different videos and some of their augmented pieces did tend to look a bit more realistic than others.

Augmented Dance Fight  is a demo video where they have used cards with Google on, but then Augmented it so the anime characters become real, 3D characters who start dancing. This was thoroughly entertaining to watch and it shows how there seem to be no limits at all to what you can achieve using Augmented reality.

Augmented Reality tutorial is another YouTube video, but in this one, they are showing you how Edgaras Art make their augmented reality pieces, which is also really insightful. I feel like they use more advanced technology as they have been seen to use a lot of sensors, breadboards and different types of electrical appliances linked in with their augmented reality. It really does prove that the limits are endless and everything seems possible when using augmented reality in your practise.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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