Film Photography Workshop.

Today I walked around the graveyard by Llandaff Cathedral as I got a very old camera that used black and white film. I wanted to capture the odd serene and beauty in the graveyard, the peacefulness of the walk there and around the graves, discovering ones that were as old as the 18th century, where the inscriptions were worn off and moss had grown over.

I wanted to capture the life after death. Some of the gravestones were beautiful, with different sculptures on them. One had a bunch of bushes and flowers growing over the grave itself.


-Single point perspective. Lines run one way.
-Two point perspective. Lines run two ways.
-Three point perspective. Lines run three ways. Also you look for three-point triangles in each composition.

Camera Angles:

-High view point
-eye level
-low view point
-eye contact
-looking out of the frame

We were also shown clips such as Ida, Stanley Kubrick – One Point Perspective and another video clip to show how these different angles aren’t just used in composition for photography.

Wes Anderson – Centered
Stanley Kubrick – One Point Perspective

I was given a vintage camera and a roll of black and white film. I was allowed to leave campus with the camera and went out with Alex (one of my support workers). I got back into the Photography block at 12pm and learned how to mix the developer to develop the rolls of film.

Every minute we had to roll the film inside the tank, and eventually our films were developed. I’m excited about the next stage of the workshop next week where we get to make contact sheets and print our images.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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