FabLab Meeting.

20th January 2016
FabLab Ambassadors Society Meeting
Minutes by Lawrence Aaron


Each piece visualises the discipline of each course. E.g product design. It is also an intricate way of looking how each discipline across CSAD merges together.
Idea was presented, which involved the notion of using cogs to turn pieces of wood which represent each discipline across CSAD. Martijn and Paul suggested focusing and deciding on the initial shape of each piece in order to move forwards with the project of the Mural.
We need to look at the Mechanisms and how each piece of wood or whatever material we may end up using fits together in order to work, to produce screenprints. How will it be fitted to the wall? Something we need to think about. Any text? – contributed by a member. Staying as installation with no text.


Brynn suggested another meeting where we pitch our ideas, showing maquettes and where we are in terms of developing ideas. It was also suggested that we should have a deadline and a project brief so we know exactly what we are doing.


It’s been agreed that we are going to work towards the idea that was pitched at the start of the meeting. We will each be given a sheet of wood to work on. However, it must be good.
Martijn informed us the Induction to the FabLab will be held on the 4th February between 4.30pm-6.30pm. Our next Society meet will also be held at 5.30pm in between the Induction times.

I had a FabLab Ambassadors meeting yesterday evening and have been set a third project, which currently I have no ideas and inspiration for. This weekend, I intend to sketch some initial ideas or mindmap at least. Currently though, my brain is in more than 10 different places and I am really struggling to find some creativity.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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