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MJ Lewis is a professional freelance photographer who is based in Hertfordshire in England. He ranges from taking shots of live bands, weddings and any other event. It’s the not first time I have researched MJ’s work and he probably is one of my favourite photographers, because his work is beautiful. I think it’s always giving me hope that one day I can become as advanced and talented with photography.

Recently doing the photography workshops, I’ve started to look at compositions with deciphering the different perspectives in mind. Many of MJ’s photos uses the rule of thirds, as well as the subject being far from centered. He’s wrote on his bio on his website that from a young age, many of his photographs were compositional and visually portrayed his own, unique style.

So what came next for me? Well, I started to do a haul through MJ’s tumblr, facebook and website, before looking at each individual photo and stating what perspective was used in each composition.
MJ Lewis’ website
I noticed how this composition was split between two halves. The top half which clearly showed the lighting, whilst the bottom half has many visual cues as to what is going on in this composition.
Again MJ in this composition split the image in half. The focus was on stage, visually communicating the process of possibly setting up for a gig. 10387083_697378073691290_657122053533347175_o
This composition is interesting because there is a very strange perspective and angle going on in this shot. If you observe closely on the torso, the shape is repeated throughout the shadows on the rest of the stage. The subject also isn’t centered in this shot. 10488233_624382667657498_9160830827614977067_n
I love this composition because there is a lot of visual information going on. There is a person in the background, possibly tuning the guitar which is slightly blurred. There is also blurred lights at the top of the composition and the person sat by the drums making a face. This isn’t a single point perspective nor is it centered. 10513381_624383647657400_2800562099483444500_n
This composition is a single point perspective. By looking at this shot, I can imagine the centered line running down through the head, nose, chin and middle of torso. 10520654_624382517657513_4104302328385120966_n
This shot has been split in two halves, where there is equally a lot of visual information going on. MJ has managed to obtain two different actions happening at the same time. 10917122_746558652106565_6825608709537564884_o
This composition is also off-centered. There is the frontman communicating with the crowd who are visually communicating back to the frontman. 10986957_746557902106640_6109022905400069096_oThis composition is very clever. At a quick glance, I would not have noticed how MJ has captured more than two people in this one shot. The drummer is off-centered, there is another person next to him in the distance and he has also managed to capture a third person in the reflection of the mirror in front of the drummer. 11110375_755852327843864_9092486324061648686_oThis composition is centered, as there is no other visual communication but the subject and the banner behind the drummer and the drum kit. 11222149_812837928811970_6701759286169628585_oMJ has focused this shot predominantly on the right hand side of the image, where the most visual information is happening. This shot is really lovely to look at. 12466199_882849638477465_8380711253547221557_oThis shot made me laugh after the realisation of it being single point perspective. However, look closely at the subject’s belly button and it is off-centered. Must be the way the person is positioned. 12484585_885656678196761_3968168678960545379_oThis is my favourite photograph out of all off MJ’s work. It’s truly beautiful and captures a significant moment in these people’s lives. It’s single point perspective but there is a lot of visual information going on here. The background is made up of the presence of the priest, the church’s features, as well as the beautiful stained glass. It’s simply beautiful. tumblr_mjux6q8EHn1s6t12ro1_1280I really love the composition of this shot by MJ. I love how the person’s face is out of focus and blurry. The hand is the main subject in this shot. tumblr_mt4y6ceVg91s6t12ro1_1280The composition of this photograph is just beautiful. Though the owl is set more to the right side of the composition, the visual information of the background just flows naturally with the rest of the composition.tumblr_mt4y6ceVg91s6t12ro2_1280Rule of thirds! Landscapes! Crazy people jumping into the sea. I just love this photograph.tumblr_mt4y6ceVg91s6t12ro3_1280
Most of the information in this composition is on the left hand side. It’s not fully centered nor is it using the one point perspective. I also love how MJ’s captured the beautiful scenery in the background.


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Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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