Camera Obscura Diorama

After a group critique with Ingrid two weeks ago, I have began researching Camera Obscura’s as I am looking at making 3D Photographic Dioramas for my Archaeological Artefacts outcome for one of my field projects.

I have a 35ml Minolta Film Camera I intend to use for this project as I’m looking at how processes such as wet plate photography that have been around for 150 years or so is still being used in our modern generation despite our advancement of technology. I like the idea of my message in the diorama to represent potentially how these much older processes are still popular to this day and I think it’d be important to us, especially as artists, to continue a piece of art history into the future.

I like the idea of a Camera Obscura and saw one recently in the Creative Exchange exhibition in one of the arcades in Cardiff Central, though I do not remember the artist’s name, I really loved her work and think she is also a fellow student or staff member at Cardiff Met uni as I have seen her around quite often in our studio spaces, as she was using oldern processes in a modern world. It was quite beautiful.

By looking at examples of Camera Obscura’s on Google images, I can now start to visualise what my artefact will look like. Though, I am hoping it has a more elegant shape than a box and will see if I can make it shapewise anything other than this. But I’m slowly starting to visualise my ideas in my head, which I wasn’t able to do before my critique with a few classmates and Ingrid. It helped to talk to people and get their perspectives on an idea.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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