Future Generations

For my big field project of Future Generations, I am looking at body modification, primarily Cybernetics, as I was in the Body In Society study group last term and there was a large topic discussed around body modification, specifically Cyborgs and the discussion about Cybernetics becoming much more common in the future as that is the way we as a society are advancing with the ever increasing rate of technology.

I’ve predominantly looked at certain organs, like the heart, because, I think in future generations, transplants to save people’s lives may no longer be organic and will be cybernetic. I have also looked at organs in our bodies because of the forms, as they are all different and unique, which attracted me in terms of shape and function.

I am meaning to talk to Jon as I am wondering if I can make Cybernetic Hearts or other organs that have some sort of censor in them, so that when they are touched or picked up, it is sensed and then begins making sounds that match what our organisms do inside our shells. This may be using censors alone or aurduinos too. Either way, Jon’s the first port of call I need to make to start developing this idea as then I can start thinking about materials and processes that I could use that would encase the electronics to perform the function I want it to do.

Below are images from google search, as I started looking at different ways Cybernetics have been visually portrayed (some are quite fantasy-ish).


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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