London Trip – V&A

Wow, what a day. Just arrived home from a London trip. It was very inspirational, as I went to the V&A and got to see some beautiful craftsmanship and photography.

My favourite aspects of the day was looking through the ironwork, specifically the bronze and pewter casting section on the second floor. I loved watching the five minute long videos in the gallery, showing you how a bronze sculpture is made. That was fascinating because it’s a very long process, that involves plaster and wax. I didn’t get to try Pewter Casting during my workshop due to a medical appointment I had to attend, but, I am excited about using this material for my Future Generations project! I was also intrigued as they featured a lot of pewter medals, which reminded me of the year 2 project of medals. I thought those were quite interesting and they held a lot of detail. This gave me inspiration for my own project as stated above.

V&A – Bronze
V&A – Pewter

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition in the V&A. It was incredible to look in close detail at an artist who worked with wet plate photography – an area of photography I am taking a keen interest in – in the 1800’s and showed how experimental you could be with the process. All of her work seemed forlorn, visually portraying a depressive state. I think this just made them more beautiful. What was even more interesting was her letters to Henry Cole that was on display. I could hardly make out anything she said in them but it was still fascinating to see someone be so ambitious with their work.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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