Beautiful & Useable – Looking into new outcomes.

So upon revisiting the Beautiful and Useable brief, I have decided to pull away fully from Gender Identity, after my feedback overall wasn’t great and it’s no longer an idea I wish to pursue.

I’ve always been interested in fantasy films and magic etc and I absolutely adore the Victorian era so I am looking at merging the two together to design and make an ultimately modernised object that is also unique.

I’ve started looking at Victorian hairbrushes and have decided to re-design the whole shape of one. The idea is that I want to take away the hairbrush’s original form and replace it with that of a merperson. So the handle will be a fin and the handle will be also used as a hook to hang it up in your bathroom etc out of the way and make it more accessible. My mum is forever knocking the hairbrush off the bathroom cabinet onto the floor and has always said it would be handy if we drilled a hole into the handle to be able to pin it up out the way, so I think that’s where I took that piece of inspiration from.

I’ve been looking at enameling the back of the paddle so it is shiny and has a sort of ‘wet’ affect to it. I feel like that adds the shimmery feel to a merperson’s fin. I will need to talk to Martin in studio 5 if it will be possible to enamel the back. If I have enough time, I would dearly love to create a 2-piece set of the hairbrush and a hair pin, that’s in the form of a seashell. I intend to aim for both but will see how much time it’s going to take to make the one object first.

Drawing example from my sketchbook:



Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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