Field – Colloborative Teamwork on ‘Creative Hub’

As an introduction to Field on Monday the 8th, we had a lecture, informing us about what the next upcoming two Mondays and Tuesdays would be about. We were given a number and divided into small groups of 3 or 4, with the odd group being roughly 6 in size that were also fellow numbers (I was a number 3!) We were then asked to shuffle around and sit with our groups, re-organising the entire room.

Duncan Ayscough came around with Ladybird Postcards and gave us a selection of five. The idea was to pick out a card that spoke to us. I chose a steam train on a train track because it reminded me of my little brother. Judy in my group chose the worker bee because she felt that was her – spent her whole life working and looking after others. Kayla chose writing because she is dyslexic and has come a long way with her spelling, and I think Dom chose pigs playing truancy. Not sure why though. We had to come up with a mindmap and small storyboard to demonstrate our ideas, which ended up arising from the postcards. Everyone decided that if we had more time, we’d make a stop-motion animation about the bombings in Syria thus resulting in children playing truancy as schools were bombed and they were fleeing into Europe via train tracks and so on. My phone unfortunately is playing up and I lost the photograph of all the cards together which I’m annoyed about.

For Tuesday the 9th, we were supposed to bring in cakes that we made with our groups – a small activity to get us to gel together as a group and work as a team – I unfortunately missed this session due to an important medical appointment I couldn’t miss.

Monday the 15th which was yesterday, we had a small tutorial with Anna from Illustration, walking her through our ideas and showing her our floor plan for our ‘Creative Hub’ that we wanted to create to benefit other disciplines across the campus. For example, the Business Management Building.

The idea was to create this creative space that was constantly stocked where students and staff members could go for an hour or however long they wished to de-stress by modelling some clay or doing some drawing. The floor plan showed stools with a round table and lots of drawers around it, like a circle. The idea was that peopl could also produce creativity on the worktops of the drawers as well.

Anna suggested that we as a group, should actually grab some materials from across CSAD and randomly go set up our Creative Hub in the Business Management building’s cafe area and see what would happen. We took Anna’s advice and after a small lunch break, we gathered up materials and made our way over to invade someone else’s space.


The response was positive, as alot of people were saying that if there was a designated room, they’d attend regularly, or if people from CSAD could come over to a different block and teach them certain skills in different mediums – e.g CAD modelling on the computer. Some would like it structured but would attend. A 12 year old girl who sat with us for 2 hours, stated she didn’t even know there was an art block on campus!

My initial response to the idea was that I didn’t expect it to be successful, purely because of the building we chose to set it up in, because I find the Management building to be more on an academic level rather than fellow artist. However, the response and turnout we received, was very positive. Our table was always full and lots of people were coming over, spending 5 or 10 minutes with us, or longer. One student even missed their lecture because they wished to complete their artwork.



Today we produced a presentation about our idea, our experience and our outcome of the task we were assigned too in Field. It’s been an interesting experience, considering I was not interested at all the first week in, it’s been a total 180 turn around as I’ve come out thoroughly enjoying working with Judy, Dom and Kayla and what we ended up producing in such a short time was productive and beneficial to other people across our campus.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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