Archaeologies of the Unseen.

Drawing a Shape


Invisible inter-relationships – body, pencil, pen, paper and surface


What it takes to draw

Light, gravity, pencil/pen, hard surface and atmosphere


Thinking through practice a language of materials


Materials have their own language


“The body hides from view in everyday experience” (Johnson, 2005)

Thinking through materials not just with the body – see Pallasamaa, 2009


We forget materials through industrial production and efficiency, algorithms, tools and procedures


Design has many different disciplines


“But we tend to intellectualise materials and tools (Pallasmaa, 2009, p.54)


How do material, tool, shape movement, thinking and perception?


The tool is an extension and it will shape the mind and our perception

The tool is an extension of the hand

The hand is no longer a hand when it takes hold of a hammer


We think through tools

An ecology of the mind (Batesen, p. 973, p.429)


We think through tools and environment

The tree and the axe (Batesen, 2000, p. 317)


Tools are incorporated into our body schema (ibid.p.141)


The world of tactile objects extend

Not an object that is perceived but an object that is perceived through


The unwritten laws of materials

Paul Klee

Art does not reproduce the visible rather, it makes visible


Gravity grow like a seed(Klee. 1964. p.31)


Form is set by the process of giving form, which is more important than form itself (Klee,1965.pp45-46) See sand figures


Lines are grown, dynamic movement, the paint seen in a dynamic term as an agent


The Phenomenology of Painting Merleau-Ponti. 1964,p127)

Painting is a way of understanding our existentialist place in this world



Page 2


We just dont see the world, we touch the world, we feel the world (JacksonPollock)


Making visible, visible invisible forces, gravity for example


Light has a force, it has a language


To draw we may angle the paper towards the light


Language of materials and context renders visible through practice


To think about everyday life and the materials that hide from our attention, whilst always shaping and allowing it to do what we do


Tools, materials and environment shape our movement, perception and thinking

Tools and materials leave a trace upon things we make just as our imagination and intentions do


Line render visible the language of materials and tools


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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