The subconscious feel of materials whilst listening to music.

Perception 3

Contellation 25-2-16

Made or Grown

Much Ado About Agency

Materials shape what you can do

The form expresses the things from what it has been made from

To draw – Hard surface, certain pen, light and gravity

To what extent dothe things we make express the context and environment in which theyare made?

Are things made by human practitioners or grown amidst tensions and resistence between things?

Illusion of plans and step by step instructions and other forms of creation (habit) hides layers of complexity

Flat-pack houses) Ikea style

We are taught by step by step processes but know we cannot build everything in this manner

Instructions are not always as simple as they seem

IDEO’S Process

A project






Intelectual and Theoretical Concepts

Follow instructions

Put into action pre-conceived plan

Create and object

See Making a Project (Ingold 2013, p.20)

Ingold says it hides the work of materials

Hyleomorphism – theory of creativity

Bringing together matter to create form

(Aristotle, Metamorphosis 1029a8)

Formal Cause – efficient cause – material cause – the statue

We can trace backthe genisis of the form to the practitioner

If you accept Aristotle’s theory you would come up with this consideration

Who did the work?

Agency is the capacity of the the agent to act in the world

Human-being, or soul in religion

someone who has a consciousness or a will

Materials are not really dead, they have grains and resistence

Page 2

Properties and Forces that bend in space

A magnet is a good example as it bends space and time

Are they not alive and active in the world?

Temporatities – drystone brick walls

Other forces make and change the world can move the wall and need repair

Shifting of position of wall overtime , the weather, earth movement and plant life can dislodge the stones

an agent can be any element that bends space around itself and makes other elements depend upon itself and translateits own will into its own (Callen and Latour 1981. p.286)

Material agency

the capacity for materials to act

Malafouris. 2008.p.33

He questions an agency

It is not a propery but the emergent product of the invisible tension of the activity

A pot – brain, body, wheel and clay

the interactions of the stages – a system of things

Agency as an emergent property

the things make an extension of the agent or the agent becomes the control of the agent

The things we make emerge between things

Making is Growth (Ingold. 2013. p.21)

The maker intervenese with daily processes, a world that is always in existence

Even if the maker has a form in mind it is not the form that creates the work, it is the emergement with the materials

How formarises through movement and about dynamic properties of materials

Weather conditions canchange dynamicswhen making a basket on the beach

A dance of agency

Resistence and response to materials

Can we say that what we do always come fully formed prior to the actvity of doing it?

What become of the notions of design or making when we’re thinking this way?

What does the study of design and made artefacts in this way tell us aboutthe process of creativity?
The folk music Martyn Woodward played was relaxing and quite chirpy. The task was to play around with the materials given to us whilst listening to the music clip that was about 7 minutes long. I became quite absent minded about 2 or 3 minutes into the music and just started to roll the plastercine around in my hands. The notion of doing this reminded me about my cats’ fur and how the material felt soft like I stroking their fur.

After this exercise, we were given another task that related to materials. We had to highlight what we thought were the most important aspects of this piece of writing that spoke about students going to the beach to learn how to weave baskets.


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Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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