Ghosts of the Past – Artefact.

So with my deadline for Archaeological Artefacts looming over me and Monday vastly creeping up on me, I have been spending a lot of time in Gimp (an equivelant to Photoshop but free) trying to organise my print from the workshop so it will work with my Artefact.


At the moment, the gaps between each print need to be wider in length, otherwise it will not reflect on my plastic pyramid and is causing a few problems at the moment, as I spent quite some time editing and tweaking this in Gimp, trying to get it the correct length so it works perfectly in position on my tablet.

To create my plastic Pyramid for my Artefact, I was kindly given four plastic CD covers by my classmate and friend Nathan. It was tricky to make because of how small the pyramid needed to be and how thin the plastic I was using was, as when it got smaller the sheets of plastic would just snap or break, when I was using it with a staniknife or Martin in studio 5’s plastic cutter tool. As this wasn’t working and I was on my last sheet of plastic, I used the small handsaw to cut the plastic into the shapes I desired. This worked much better as there was less pressure on the plastic which caused it to snap and break every other time when I was using different tools.

When my small shapes were cut out, I sanded them to make the edges smooth by removing the jagged plastic that was left as a result of cutting into it. Once all edges were smoothed down, I used small strips of clear cellotape to join the joinings neatly together and it was now ready to be taken home to be tested out on the evening to see if it would work with images on an electronic device.

I followed this YouTube video as a guide to learning how to make the plastic object I needed to create my Artefact. Except what I didn’t realise was, I ended up with five sides inside of four, so today, I’ve had to carefully peel off the fifth side so that it will work correctly with my images.

This is what my plastic object looked like with five sides. However the open square at the top is meant to sit at the bottom on an electronic device. It was placed like this to demonstrate what my outcome looked like against a green background. It looks exactly the same, except it now lacks a fifth side which is correctively how it was meant to look in the first place.

This was the first testing on Thursday night when I first made it and as you can see, it had five sides, but only three images on my tablet. I wasn’t too concerned at the time with my images being exact. I just wanted to see it in action. However, now it has four sides and my images will be in a correct position, my 3D hologram should work accurately. I am just now looking for a small cardboard box my plastic pyramid and tablet can be placed inside, as it will be a Camera Obscura style effect. Once this is done, my Artefact “Ghosts of the Past” will be ready to be exhibited tomorrow afternoon in the Maker 4 studio.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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