Cyborgs and Cybernetics

Full Definition of cybernetics. : the science of communication and control theory that is concerned especially with the comparative study of automatic control systems (as the nervous system and brain and mechanical-electrical communication systems)

3D printed hands by Martijn Gommermen in Cardiff Met

I received an email about this roughly a few weeks before I started in first term and found it really inspiring. This story and how Martijn Gommermen in the FabLab 3D printed prosthetic hands for these two children was incredible. And also was partly the inspiration behind my project in Future Generations for Cybernetic Organs.

Oscar Pistorius:

Oscar Pistorius’s legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old. He became the first sprinter to sprint in events for below-the-knee amputee in Paralympic and in able-bodied sprint events. He was the first atheletic below-the-knee amputee to compete in the Paralympic and Olympic games as an atheletic sprinter.

Kevin Warwick:

Kevin Warwick is a Professor of Cybernetics in the University of Reading. He is the founder for Project Cyborg, where he uses himself as a guinea pig to ‘install’ different things into his body and aims to become the first, complete human cyborg. He installed a chip into his arm in 1998 as he had been experimenting with variations of cybernetics and now can control heaters, computers, operate lights and doors etc.

Jesse Sullivan:

Jesse Sullivan became a pioneer in Cybernetics. He effectively became one of the world’s first cyborgs when he was equipped with a bionic limb. This connected through a nerve-muscle graft. Sullivan can control his new limb with his mind, he can also feel hot, cold, and the amount of pressure his grip is applying.

After a pair of horrific accidents, Jens Naumann was struck blind in both eyes. In 2002, Jens became the first person to receive an artificial vision system. His electronic eye is connected to his visual cortex through brain implants. Although he can only see vaguely see lines and shapes, his vision has technically been restored.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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