Casting Cybernetic Lungs in Resin

I tried my first Resin pour on Tuesday afternoon. I used 200grams of resin mix for this and about 40/50grams of copper powder for good luck. Within minutes of stirring the mixture, the resin was already starting to set and was pourred. I decided to leave it overnight and came back in on Wednesday afternoon to do the reveal.

As seen above, the first pour failed due to the air bubbles in my silicon mould. The nature of my mould was that where the ends are sliced off, are meant to be round and the reason the resin didn’t soak up into that sector is because there was no pouring lines into those two compartments for the mix to go into.

To fix this issue, I had to use a scapel to cut two small lines into my silicon mould which connected to where my Cybernetic Lungs rounded. This hopefully would allow the resin mix to pour and run down, erasing the issue I had with the air bubbles in my first pour.

With this first failed pour in mind, Martin brought out two more tins of resin for me to mix up and try the pour again. This time around, I used 100grams of resin mix as there was a lot left over last time with 200grams. And about 40grams of copper powder for good measure.


Whilst I was stirring this second mix, it’d started to go off again and so was poured quite quickly. Half the mixture didn’t make it into my mould as it’d already setted into the cup. I was unsure if the mix had reached every point of the silicon mould I needed it too but had to wait an hour to find out.

Coming back an hour later and gently prying the mould apart, I was pleased to see that this second attempt had worked. There was a few excess bits of resin on my cast which I used the handsaw to gently file off and afterwards, it looked a lot better in comparison to the first cast. I was so happy the whole cybernetic lungs’ features and the detail on this cast came out very clearly as well.

I am now waiting for Martin to order in transparent resin and I am planning on trying to cast them in glass. At the moment, all my other 3D cybernetic organs are on hold because I am waiting for R2D rubber to come in to create 3-way moulds.

However, my cybernetic lungs have been evolving since the first 3D print and so far, I am pleased with my progression, because I feel I have accomplished quite an amount as these processes I am using all takes time. I can’t wait to show my cybernetic lungs and my other 3D printed organs off when I have my formative assessment on Monday.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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