Cybernetic Heart – Starting of Mould

I’m excited because I have finally moved onto making my second mould in my Future Generations project for field – I’m still waiting for transparent resin to come in, so took to the next stage of my organs. Now, the cybernetic heart’s probably the most complex one I am trying to cast in pewter, which requires a three-way mould. Today, Martin helped me figure out which ways would be easiest to cast from and after deciding, the section of the cybernetic heart was taped up with gaffa and masking tape to protect it from the plastercine. This was helpful as it reminded me which section needed to be pressed into the mould so I could get a deep enough depth to place it into.

I got a board, a rolling pin and two 4×4 blocks of wood to prevent me from rolling the plastercine too far out in width. Once it was more like a brick, I lightly carved around the initial shape of the cybernetic heart, as this allowed me to scoop out a lot of plastercine so the inside depth would be deep enough to match halfway through the 3D print.

Once this was done, the cybernetic heart was placed into the mould and I then had to cover up any excess holes, with more plastercine before smoothing the top surface out. Next week I will be going back into Martin’s workspace to continue working on my moulds, whilst I try and 3D print my last few cybernetic organs, before repeating the process.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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