Crests -3D designing in Rhino.

For my workshop led project, I started looking into crests as I was inspired by the CSAD crest on the Art building. I have successfully mocked up two crests in Rhino so far, but I’m aiming to create a set of three.

My first crest is in the form of a feline cat’s head, as I feel that if I had an opportunity to turn into an animal, it would be a cat. Another reason is that I own three cats and I know they have very strange personalities; they like cuddles one minute, then don’t want to socialise next. This pretty much summarises my entire social life.

The crab-like pincers surrounding the crest was meant to be ribbon and after a lot of thought over the weekend, I have decided to scrap the idea of having ribbon flowing around them, as I’d started to like the shape and form they were taking and felt it wasn’t needed. Since these screenshots were taken, this crest is now lying on its back, facing upwards with no ribbon attached. I’m happier with the composition of this now and I’m looking forward to getting them 3D printed. The writing is in Latin (which I have thoroughly double checked to make sure was accurate) and I will leave the translations at the end of this post.

I used the free draw tool in Rhino to create the shape of the feline’s head and ‘Extrude Planar Curve’ was the option I chose to make it 3D. The ribbon was made the same way but was no longer needed. I used the four view perspective in Rhino to adjust, compose and place the writing so it was accurate.

My second crest is in the shape of a polygon, which likewise to my feline crest, I chose the Polygon Draw tool in Rhino. Using Extrude Planar Curve, I extruded the surface and started to work through the text. The plan is to add ‘Mum, Dad, Joseph, Thomas, Grampy, John’ along each one of the 5 sides of the polygon and then it will be 3D print ready.

I’m aiming to start on my third crest after lunch, which is going to be a music related one as music is a very important aspect of my life and I chose these crests to represent myself and things I love/cherish.


Academicus = Academic
Artem = Skill of Art
Lepos = Wit/Humour
Domus = Family
Amare = Love
Respectus = Respect


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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