3/3 Through 3-Part Mould – Cybernetic Heart


After casting my mould in Silicon RV on Friday, I came back into Martin’s workshop yesterday to start working on the next part of the mould. I was adamant I wanted to try get it all casted before mid week, so I would possibly have a chance to do a pewter cast by the end of the week before Easter break. I mixed up 150grams for the first pour of Silicon. Using white spirit and a cloth, I started to clean up the bottom of the mould after the plastercine was removed, so when it was to be casted again, it would be clean.

For the second part of the mould, I had to use plastercine to ‘block’ off one section of the cybernetic heart so the silicon, when poured, wouldn’t seep through and cover the whole area. I created a small bridge form over the top of the cybernetic heart and started to smooth it out before it could be poured.


Once this was complete, I was ready to move onto mixing up the Silicon RV mix. I think roughly, we used around 150/160grams to pour. I stirred the mixture up for a good while before it was ready.

Today I went back in and repeated the whole process; I firstly had to remove the plastercine, clean up the mould with white spirit using a cloth, then I built a small ridge going over the top line of the 2/3 half of the mould to prevent it from seeping into unwanted places. Once this was all done, Martin helped me mix up 180grams for the third and final pour.

This will take 24 hours to set, so I am hoping either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, I can do a pewter cast and see how the cybernetic heart comes out. Untill then though, I will be going back into Martin’s regardless tomorrow, as I will be starting up the process again with the cybernetic brain I’ve 3D printed to start on casting for those.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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