Casting Cybernetic Organs- Brain and Stomach/Liver – RV Silicon.

I 3D printed my stomach/liver this morning, before I went to Martin’s workshop in the afternoon to start my plastercine mould, in anticipation to cast it in RV Silicon, before I can then move onto Pewter Casting after Easter break.

Because my 3D print was split in two parts, I used the halfway mark on the model to decipher what half I wanted to cast and how deep the plastercine mould needed to be. I gently wrapped it in clingfilm and rested it on top of the mould, before etching around it with a knife so I knew where it was going to be inserted into. I could then start scooping out the plastercine to create depth for the object to snuggle into.

Regularly placing the stomach/liver into the mould to see how much depth I did or didn’t need, I got it right and then cut the excess clingfilm off with a scapel. I filled in all the gaps with little blobs of plastercine, before I damped a cloth with white spirit, before rubbing one of the modelling tools with the cloth so it was damp; this allowed me to spread the plastercine evenly, to create a smooth surface for the pour.

For my cybernetic brain, I repeated the same process, except this one seemed to take a bit longer, possibly because it was slightly larger than that of my other cybernetic organ I was trying to cast in RV Silicon. This one was also measured by the half-way point, as it was a split 3D print so made it easier to figure out how to cast and just sort of relieved that it isn’t another 3-part mould. I’m excited about going in tomorrow and seeing how they’ve turned out. The next step will be creating the pour holes so I can pewter cast, before casting the second sides.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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