Mock-Up Seashell – Beautiful & Useable

So this morning, I have been working hard on Rhino to create my second mock-up for my project in Subject: Beautiful and Useable. To finish my two-piece set, I have developed the seashell to accompany my Merperson hair brush – which will both be printed next week as I have two 3D printers booked out – and I am very much excited about being able to 3D print these.

To start with, I found a simple seashell template on Google Images and pulled that into Photoshop, where I edited out the background to become transparent. Once this was done, I saved it as a jpeg and loaded up Rhino. The Heightfield tool was used in Rhino to load my template of the seashell in. I Boolean Grouped my seashell and its’ detail, so it became one object, before I created a cutting plate using the Surface Planar tool, creating a square using four points. I then used Boolean Split to remove the excess of the image that was not required. I followed the same process to ‘trim’ the top of the image too, that was spiking up in certain places. After this was achieved, I then used the Control Point Curve tool, to free handedly follow the curves of the image.  I followed this with the Extrude Planar Curve to build up the block that formed the initial 3D shape.

I am going to ask Charlie Bull as I switched the perspectives from Shaded to Rendered and ask her if there is anyway I can tidy up some of the edges etc in the Rendered view before they are sent to 3D print next week. Overall though, I am happy with how these came out and found it easier this time around to split objects and bring them in using Heightfield.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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