Pewter Cast Outcomes

My moulds were powdered with black graphite to help release the pewter before Martin tried to teach me the technique to scooping out melted, hot pewter with a ladle. I used clamps to hold my moulds together so molten pewter would not leak out everywhere and was embedded in sand beds in case that did happen.

Myself and Martin did the first pour for the Cybernetic Stomach/Liver and Martin did the pour for the Cybernetic Brain as there was a smaller pouring hole and it had to be poured efficiently and quite quickly.

The cybernetic brain needs to be re-casted in Pewter as part of the tube failed and there is a ‘dent’ like line in one side of the brain’s form. As these will be my final outcomes for the end of year show, they need to be flawless and on point. So I will be asking Martin today if I can re-cast that one and see if I can get it perfect. Alongside that, I will be cutting down the excess pewter on the Stomach/Liver and casting my Cybernetic Lungs today in transparent Resin and moving the mould into Wax to eventually do a pour in Glass.

My cybernetic heart has been casted in a Metallic like Resin, as Martin mixed Metallic powder into the Resin mix before pouring. The reason this is not being Pewter Casted is because it is a very large object with a lot of nodes and nodules and Martin feels it will not pewter cast well but I can give it a try. I’m also aware that I will be using a lot of Pewter resources and that is quite costly.

I’m excited about the development of this project in Future Generations and I’ve been overall pleased with my outcomes so far. It’s been coming along better than I expected it too when I first developed the idea for Cybernetics when I was given the brief and I feel my ideas and skills have flourished quite frequently as I am learning more about mould and model making, Pewter casting, wax, glass and 3D modelling in the process of this project. Considering the materials I am working with can sometimes be unpredictable to how well the results come out, I am extremely content with most of my outcomes given this fact.



Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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