Wax Cast into Glass – Stage 1

After casting my Cybernetic Lungs in transparent resin, I decided that I no longer wanted to experiment with more materials and wanted to focus on the final outcome for my last Cybernetic Organ for Future Generations. By creating a wax cast using my silicon mould as well as wax sticks using a block of clay, I started what I’d like to call ‘stage 1‘ of Wax into Glass today.

I had to sweat the sticks over a lit flame to fuse the sticks together as these will later act as air tubes for my glass cast. One wasn’t fused properly and snapped, so I had to repeat the process. Moving on from this, I got what is known as the ‘cup’ for the cast of off Martin, who wax casted half a lightbulb mould to create the cup. I had to sweat the cup and my cybernetic lungs to fuse them together so they were conjoined. I had to add extra small, sliced up pieces of wax onto the neck of the base to support it. I used a blowtorch to lightly sweat the wax and a scalpel to gently smooth off the excess wax.

Once adding all the extra pieces of wax to the neck of the wax base, the next step was adding the airtubes onto the lungs and the base. I was quite nervous about doing this, and after coming back from a break, found that Martin had done it for me. So I had to roll out a block of clay, as this would act as a second base for the wax to rest into.

Then it was off down to the plaster room to weight out 250g of plaster and mix it up, before pouring it over the top of my wax mould. There was nothing else I could do today but wait until my plaster cast set before I could move on, so tomorrow’s goal is to continue where I left of.

I’ve really enjoyed this process so far, and haven’t found it as challenging as I thought it would’ve been when I first started. I am considering moving these skills into my projects for second year, as I thoroughly enjoy CAD and mould modelling. I think this is where I want to particularly specialise myself and skills in.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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