Summary of Level 4 Constellation.

With Constellation at an end for this academic year, I have wanted to look back on what I have learned in this module and summarise it for my blog.

In first term, my Study Group with Dr. A. Morgan ‘The Body in Society’ was an extremely interesting choice for me as I am interested in how the body adapts, evolves and changes with time. This study group packed a lot of information on the body through the ages, at different points in centuries, how societies coped with epidemics before an impressive breakthrough in medicine, social norms, gender roles, cyborgs and so much more.

What I loved about this study group was every seminar was different. What really helped get the information across and kept the seminars lively, was Dr. Morgan’s charismatic personality and her way of talking about all different subjects kept me both entertained and interested.

The Body in Society inspired my work on Cybernetic Organs, as I was very taken on the seminar we had on Cyborgs and Cybernetics. This particular seminar fueled the inspiration for my final outcomes for Future Generations in my project brief. I learned a lot about medical advancement and how cybernetics/technology is being used or rather, applied to the body via this study group. I’m not sure what my final outcomes would have been if I was in a different study group in term 1, as The Body in Society was a driven inspiration for my projects and work.

This study group also was a large source of inspiration for my first idea for project outcomes in Beautiful and Useable, although this changed in term 2, it’s still a prime example of how Constellation feeds us knowledge and aids our ideas for projects to match the briefs we are given.

Being transgender, and this study group covering a lot to do with the body, I was able to write my essay about Masculine Gender Identity, as I was passionate about this topic. I used multiple theories I learned from Dr. Morgan’s study group and applied them to my essay. It wasn’t as well planned out or written as I thought it could have been but it was a good introduction to Academic Writing and the level I was writing on.

For term 2, I moved into Dr. M. Woodward’s study group ‘Archaeologies of the Unseen’. This study group packed a punch with a whole lot of information on different theories that frazzled my brain and also was similiar in one or two of my seminars to my first study group in term 1, as I learned about different cultures in different time periods. For example, one seminar, Dr. Woodward played us folk music from the 16th centry I do believe it was, whilst we had to make some object from things were given beforehand.

This study group enabled me to bring my own interests to the table, as I am interested in Ancient Egypt, the process of mummification etc and decided to link one of the theories I had learned in Dr. Woodward’s seminar to my essay. The theory that carried out most of my resources and tied into my essay was the ‘Deep History: The Architecture of Past and Present’ by Shryock and Smail.

This study group was a strong choice for me as an artist, because, we learned about materials and how the weather could affect them. Another prime example was a seminar with Dr. Woodward, where we learned about these men who went to the beach and tried to weave baskets but the windy weather made it difficult. Another was about perception and trying to find faces within objects like trees and rocks.

There isn’t anything I would change about Constellation. I know a lot of people moan about it, but I have found it so beneficial this year towards my work, myself as an artist and a person, as well as becoming more knowledgeable. Constellation allows us to learn and develop, as well as have open-minded discussions or agree-to-disagree civil arguements.

I have learned a lot from Constellation this year. I feel I have come out of my first Academic Year feeling more knowledgeable, enlightened and definitely a lot more open-minded. I am intrigued about Constellation level 5 and what theories I can learn next, or what can be applied to my level 5 work.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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