Craft In The Bay 22/09/16

Bev Bell Hughes

Bev’s ceramic work visually communicates a sense of form and shape that refers to my project brief on Siteless and Cited. The surface appears to be a combination of soft and rough. To me, the nature of these shapes are from within the ocean. Also, the use of materials being clay, resembles a closeness to Earth and nature. I found these interesting because of the form and the detail, when I viewed Bev’s work at Craft in the Bay last week.

Ruth Shelley

I absolutely loved these when I viewed them in Craft in the Bay because of the vibrant colours and how they make shapes within the form itself. For my project brief, I have started looking at artists work differently, trying to visually analyse shapes and forms and structures within artists work. Ruth’s work was one of my favourites in Craft in the Bay and I would love these in my kitchen, as the colours just seem to have a calming effect. The materials glass and Ruth definitely demonstrates a passion for visual shapes within her practise.

Verity Pulford

Verity’s work is visually stunning with the soothing blues used in her practise, as well as the added element of nature / trees. These are simply stunning with intricate detail and soothing colours. I was drawn to them in the gallary because the shades of blue appealed to me. I would love to go to an exhibition to see solely her work.

Kathryn Roberts

Likewise to Ruth’s work, Kathryn’s glass objects use a lot of beautiful colour and shapes within the forms. I’ve found looking at these artists’ work very resourceful in relation to my Subject Brief on Siteless and Cited. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Craft in the Bay and will aim to go again before Christmas break to get more inspiration.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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