Siteless & Cited – 2 Weeks to ‘Siteless’ Deadline


This is what you were discussing today. Citing an object through your making and identifying where in the world your new and original outcome would end up. This part of your brief is ongoing, it may take some months to fully finalise – the time will allow for you to use some of the workshop areas and processes you are currently being inducted into. The next thing to do towards this is to condense all the ideas from today onto an ideas sheet (A2 size) including notes, images, drawings, inspirations and more. These ideas sheets should include reference to a range of artists and designers work which is somehow relevant and useful to your own idea. We will review these on Monday 14th November. Work on these alongside any sketchbook work relating to the project.



We have an exhibition / crit in two weeks’ time. This will be the outcomes from our ‘siteless’ enquiry inspired by Francois Blanciak’s book (scans of the book are on Moodle here). The creative method we are using for this is to observe the everyday world and find the abstract, ‘siteless’ forms that already exist around us. Drawing and abstraction through drawing (e.g. single line drawing or paper cutting) have helped with this process – you may choose to revisit this exercise. You then need to make a three dimensional piece from this observation / drawing exercise. Materials, scale, surfacing and other such details are up to you. You have been introduced to a range of possible approaches which are simple and easy to implement (e.g. working with wire, slab building etc.) and we will look at some more next week. You may choose to work in another material altogether –  that’s fine. The final outcome should relate to a particular drawing and you should be able to state what the original form was (even if the outcome looks nothing like it). You could consider the world of abstract and non-objective sculpture for inspiration – the power-point from week 1 is here.

I have been working toward the ‘Cited’ outcome and intend to return my direction into ‘Siteless’ as I aim to experiment further and decide on a final outcome for this side of my project brief. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this brief as I have found it challenging and engaging.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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