‘Siteless’ Exhibition.


Lawrence Aaron Gilson
Artist, Designer; Maker
Year 1.

The Citadel:


Citadel consists of two different models; one static and one interchangeable. Both pieces invite interaction. One has the perception of multiple parts but is fused. The second one has multiple parts and can be deconstructed and reconstructed. Citadel encourages reconstruction without purpose.


I started designing my ‘Siteless’ form in Rhino – a CAD 3D Modelling software. I took inspiration from a derelict building in Wales and took the form from that building. I began breaking down the form into shapes, which made it easier to construct in Rhino. In doing so, I have engaged with the ‘Siteless’ element to my Project Brief of “Siteless and Cited”.

Meaning Behind the Piece:

In observing the everyday world the abstract, ‘siteless’ forms soon become apparent. By breaking down forms into shapes, our perception of the world shifts. The concept behind this piece is to alter perception. I want the viewer to see the individual shapes without knowing what the whole is.


People look for solutions. They want to reconstruct things properly. Citadel gives people the option to follow a template or their imagination. In doing so, I hope this piece changes the way people see the everyday world. 

I am pleased with my outcome for Siteless. After exhibiting my work, I considered either to add or adjust my piece. I feel very content with my outcome and feel the only thing I would change at this moment is to extend my work in 3D models in the FabLab, as that way the models would be 3D printed in the chosen colours, rather than them being painted. Other than that, I am happy with my Siteless outcome and do not want to add or adjust anything else. The only thing I am adding to my exhibition is my artist statement as shown above and a contact sheet of variables of interconnectivity to visually communicate how you can shift and change the Citadel around to construct new architectural forms.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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