An Introduction to Light by Jon and Pip.


Easter Trip


  • Trip to France – £80 return flight – £180 for the week – Food bought communaly


  • Provided there are enough takers the first group will be going out from 11th– 18th of April.


  • The second group will be going out from 18th– 25th of April.


  • If there aren’t enough people for two trips then the second slot will be the one used.


Trip to London


  • Week 4


  • Monday the 6th– same time as your appointment.


  • £5 deposit payable to Annette (I think that was the name mentioned)



New Brief – LIGHT


There are all sorts of ways to approach the idea of light.


The first task today is to go around campus with sketch books and fill them with sketches of light.


The reason for this is to get you thinking about light as an artisitc topic. It’s something we’d take for granted usually but now you have to pay attention to the details.


Light and Spectrums


Lights are always somewhere on a specific spectrum (refer to slide).


We now know them to be partical waves but in history there have been lots of different              ideas. The ancient Greeks thought light came from within our eyes.


Light in Films


The film Citizen Kane was released in 1941 and was one of the first films to really experiment         with light.


Much of what it experimented with is still used in cinema today.


Thomas Edison


He didn’t invent the light bulb, but he did patent the commercial light bulb.


All artificial lights we take for granted (including those used in film) were made possible               because of this.


Remember that light can shed light on things, but it can also cast shadows.


Light and shadows can change how something looks.


Get in the habit of seeing light as a material with which to make art.


The slides detail a number of artists who deal with light in their work, but we will go into        more detail in the future.


More detail of this brief (and the marking criteria) can be found on Moodle – be sure to read up on it in your own time.


Timeline – A new category for your blog about workshops, don’t forget!


The week plans for future weeks are detailed in a document on Moodle, keep this handy as it’ll give you direction.


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Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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