“Light” Brief for Field.

MAKER ADZ4888 Field

Term 2 Spring 2017






This term you will work on developing a contextualised, conceptually underpinned and skilfully produced 3D outcome in and around the theme of light. You will partake in a number of collaborative workshops and seminar sessions to help you develop the theme. Some of these will be collaborative and shared with students from Fine Art and Ceramics. There will also be the opportunity to further develop your material and skills based knowledge through TD led workshop sessions.





  1. Light

Through a sustained and active interrogation of the theme of light you are expected to develop an outcome that shows your own emerging direction and aspirations as a Maker. You may choose to explore light as a material, as a useful tool, through design, as a concept or metaphor, scientifically, historically, culturally or in numerous other ways. Your final outcome should have a clearly identifiable context that you are able to describe through reference to the world of art and design e.g. it may be contextualised as applied art, fine art, design / critical design, contemporary craft etc. among many other possible things.


You will be expected to evidence a thorough body of research into artists and designers as well as through idea exploration and material / process experimentation in both your sketchbook and blog which will underpin your outcome.


ADZ4888 Maker Term 2 2017

Your final piece will be exhibited in the summer term and you will receive formative feedback at the end of the spring term.


  1. Timeline of learning and group activities

As well as your own individual outcome for the theme of light, you will engage in a number of workshop / lab sessions over the course of the term. Some of these will be with TD’s in particular workshop areas and some will be led by academics from across the school. You are expected to document, comment on and keep a timeline of all of these activities on your blog. This will be tagged as field 4 timeline and should eventually amount to between 7 and 10 separate posts reflecting on the taught sessions you will have partaken in over the course of the term.


Formative assessment: 27th March 2017

Summative assessment (Subject and Field): Week of 5th June 2017  

Assessment Criteria


As always you will be assessed with equal weighting on your:


>>SKILLS (making skills, researching skills, thinking skills, visual communication skills etc) >>CONTEXT (professional context – who is your work for?, creative context – what influences you?)

>>IDEAS (the ideas that are underlying in your made work)


The learning outcomes below further show how these areas are considered.


At the conclusion of this module students will:


Be able to negotiate and work together towards a proposal and, or a final outcome

Have a sense of their own strengths and weaknesses within collaborative, creative work



Understand the complexity of a thematic project, and how to begin contextual a range of ideas

Locate more clearly the scope and potential of subject disciplines within global contexts



Be able to appreciate the opportunities presented by interdisciplinarity and cross discplinarity

Be able to constructively generate and integorate practical and proposals and outcomes

ADZ4888 Maker Term 2 2017


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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