Artist Research: Cedric Verdure, Carsten Nicolai, and Messa de Voce.

Cedric Verdure:

‘Les Gardien Du Tresor’
Light up Nuit Blanche

Cedric Verdure’s work looks elegant, smooth to touch and captures a ray of beauty. Although the texture may appear soft and smooth, the sculptural pieces are made of wire, with light fixtures placed underneath them.

Carsten Nicolai:


Carsten Nicolai’s work is installation based and the idea is to offer semiotics and perception to its viewers. As the lighting changes, the viewer’s perception is altered, so as to create an optical illusion.

Messa di Voce:


The project touches on themes of abstract communication, synaesthetic relationships, cartoon language, and writing and scoring systems, within the context of a sophisticated, playful, and virtuosic audiovisual narrative.

These artists informed my ideas but not the visual concept of my idea. I chose these because they’re playing with different forms of lighting, especially Cedric Verdure, as his figures dancing in light captures the essence of what I want the light function in my product to look like. My product will be more personal, as it’s a visual, tactile, handheld object that will enhance a soothing effect. The light functions will be softer, with the colours being more pastel – with a direct interaction with the user.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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