Ryoichi Kurokawa – Sensory Stimulation.


Ryoichi Kurokawa creates installations that submerge you and stimulate your senses, using both light and sound.


“This is not about having some sort of message,” multimedia artist Ryoichi Kurokawa told The Creators Project in our documentary on the Japanese innovator. Rather, his art is “providing an interactive experience. Something where audio and visual are in complete unison.”

Why make art that targets one sense, when you can hit multiple senses in a bout of awesome, glitch-fueled power?

To reach that peace within the noise, Kurokawa uses nature as his muse: “Art or man-made things can compress space and time in a way nature cannot,” and thus he manipulates the environment with his own dimensional agenda, hypnotizing anyone who watches.”

See Reference Here:


Unfold, as explained in the video, is an immersive and sensory installation, which visually transports you into space. The idea behind this installation is to visually trace how stars are born. This is good research for my project in Field, which is on ‘Light’.

I have found Ryoichi Kurokawa’s work to be phenomenal, although, I am not sure if I could personally experience his installations in real life. Despite my lack of being able to experience such a space, Ryoichi Kurokawa’s installations have provided me with beneficial research, as I aim to design and create an interactive installation – a space in which I will not be able to enter myself.

This space will take a lot of planning, as I will have to test and run checks to make sure the installation is working in the way which I envisioned. This will be a triggering experience for me, but that is the whole point behind the installation.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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