“Song Board” – Interactive Installation.


This interactive installation was put into place by the Mayor of London’s office, for the recent Olympic and Paralympic games. It was featured at Kings Cross Station in London.

“These 2940 yellow and black plastic spheres across a 35m-long wall made up the fun and engaging interactive pop-up installation at London’s King’s Cross station called Song Board. Designed by the students at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in London, Song Board invited passers-by to rotate the matrix of spheres and create unique patterns, images, and messages. Some came prepared with pre-arranged displays to print on the board and others just rotated them relentlessly, listening to the sound the balls made when rotated.

Song Board was one of the many projects (see also Bus-Tops) put into place by the Mayor’s office throughout the city during the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

See Reference Here:

I thought this installation was a brilliant way to engage with the public of London, as you could rearrange the black and yellow spheres, to a pre-planned design or come up with something completely off the top of your head. Song Board encourages creativity to play, aimed at a wider audience than just children.

I am looking at interactive installations, because after my group crit with Pip, I am eagerly engaged with designing an interactive installation. However, Song Board is user-friendly and encourages play within a friendly environment. I want to go the opposite direction. I want to create a chamber, within which, people are forced into a situation where their senses are over-stimulated. The goal being to reproduce the sensation of sensory overload.




Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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