Field Labs: An Introduction.

Field Labs

Group B

* This was conceived in order to bring people out of their established comfort zones.

* There will be 4, week long group projects.

* Look on Moodle for a timetable which breaks down the coming weeks.

* Your first week will be pin hole cameras!

* You can read ahead about the lab projects by looking at the project documents on Moodle (it’s suggested that you do so you’re not going in blind).

* Within your large groups people will be broken down into smaller groups which will change each week.

* Everyone, regardless of their course, is working on ‘Light’ so you’re all on the same page.

* Mixing people up is beneficial to everyone involved.

* Everyone has strengths and weaknesses – that’s why you all chose the courses you chose.

* The first two days of each week are the most important.

* Remember that this course is about opening up the art school and seeing it as a complete entity, rather than just your own corner of it.

In this collaborative project you will work in cross discipline teams of four to
create a panoramic pinhole camera, capable of taking a 360° image which will
then be augmented with digital content. Mixing together old and new image
making technologies, this week long project will enable you to explore and
understand light in a multitude of ways.
Monday 11:00 am AV studio N Block :
Pin Hole Photography Briefing. Jon Pigott & Pip Lawrence
Division into groups
Introduction to pin hole cameras and process with Mal Bennett.
Monday 2:00 pm Maker seminar space Studio 6
Working in groups you will develop the designs for camera construction with Jon
This will be followed by the construction of cameras and image processing.
You can use any materials or objects suitable for this task, points will be given
for innovation and good aesthetic judgment.
Tuesday 10:00am Maker Seminar Space Studio 6
Introduction to Augmented Reality – Ingrid Murphy/Pip Lawrence
In advance of this session please download the aurasma app on your
smartphone (it’s free) and set up your account
Also each group should open an account on this will enable
you to access more creative tools that the app alone.
Tuesday 11:00 – 4:00 Maker space/Mac Suite/ Dark Room – Ingrid Murphy
Developing AR content and processing panoramic images.
You will have the remainder of the week to work in your self-directed time with
your group, there will be a continuation of dark room and workshop access with
drop in support if needed.
(The following) Monday 10:00 am all cameras, panoramic images with
embedded AR interaction should be presented in the Maker Seminar space for a
full group review.
Some points for consideration….
What is the nature and subject of your pinhole image and what is its relationship
to the digital (augmented) content? How can you use your individual subject
skills sets to assist the team and make for a truly collaborative outcome?
Does the object/form relate to the image it helped create? How can the shift
between a static image and a dynamic image be used to good effect?


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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