Silhouetted Still Lives: Lab 1, Day 1.

Shadow Play
In this collaborative project you will work in cross-discipline teams of four
and be invited to explore the effect of light, shade and shadow on a
three-dimensional form. Each member of a group will be tasked with
making a distinct contribution to a ‘still life’.
Bring paper, drawing and mark making materials, scissors, scalpel knifes,
tape, cardboard, camera.
LOCATION: Studio 5, Room B2.01d (the Ceramics group modelling space)
TIME: 11:00 onwards.
CONTENT: Briefing
PART 1: Construction of still life. Exploration of form and
shadow using light projection
TIME: 2-3.00 pm
CONTENT: PART 2: Interpreting drawing into collage constructs of still life
exploring negative and positive spaces
TIME: 3-4pm,
CONTENT: PART 3: Construction of three dimensional structures in card
and paper as final
LOCATION: Studio 5, Room B2.01d (the Ceramics group modelling space)
TIME: 10 – 12pm Formation to interoperate into clay construction.
CONTENT: PART FOUR: Introduction to slab building processes, coiling
techniques and clay extruder.
PART FIVE: Each individual groups to negotiate an agreed making
strategy for the production of their group ‘still-life’
using the card construct of the previous day as a
maquette on which to base their clay constructions.
PART SIX: Let the Making Commence: each group will be
provided one bag of clay to form their entire structure.
The expectation, is that each group continues to work on their still life construct
throughout the week and will have use of the modelling space to do so.
The Following Monday
LOCATION: Studio 5, Room B2.01d (the Ceramics group modelling space)
TIME: 10.00am
CONTENT: All groups meeting for full group review. Each group
will be expected to articulate the rational in the
construction of their still life, strategies applied in
rendering it in from 2D to 3D and processes applied in
clay construction.


The second week of labs in Field was introduced by Duncan Asycough, who had projectors out everywhere in studio 5, room B2.01d. After being put into a group, the idea of the projectors was using them with objects that Duncan had provided a box full – or other artefacts that we had on our desks etc, to create silhouetted forms.

From these forms, we had to create still life drawings to capture form and shape. Once we had drawn still life images, we had to create a 3D plan using cardboard collage. The idea behind that is to get us to think how to construct and build sculptural forms from image.

Originally, I was put into a group of five, but I had no tasks so ended up drawing forms by myself. This is when Duncan put me into a group with Olivia, a year one Ceramicist who seemed so lovely. This is why my drawn form is different to that of the collage, which we based off Olivia’s drawing.

Once this was done, our next goal was to take the 3D plan of collage into clay, with slab building, coiling etc. in Day 2.


Author: lawrenceaaronmaker

Studying a BA Hons in Artist, Designer; Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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